Canada Western Red Spring Wheat

Canada is the world’s largest exporter of hard red spring wheat. Wheat production in Canada dates back to the early 17th century. It spread westward from present-day Quebec, reaching Manitoba in the early 19th century with the Selkirk settlers. CWRS wheat is the largest wheat class in Canada, typically produced on about 15 million acres and is grown throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. It is recognized around the world for its excellent milling and baking qualities with minimal protein loss during milling. CWRS wheat flour is used widely for the production of high-volume pan breads and a wide range of other baked products. Due to good gluten strength, it is used extensively either alone or in blends with other wheat varieties for the production of a diverse range of products such as hearth breads, noodles, flat breads and steam breads. Canada Western Red Spring Wheat is segregated by protein level with guaranteed minimum protein content.


Significant step forward in CWRS yield + Midge Tolerance.

AAC Redberry

Semi dwarf with significantly higher yield results across all production zones, good grain protein, and earlier maturity.


Early Maturity and excellent yields in a CWRS in a short plant with good lodging resistance.

AAC Elie

Offers consistent performance in all environments and hits the mark on all agronomic factors.

SY Torach

Inches up yield with better protein and improved standability.

AC Goodeve VB

Top-selling variety after five years in the market. It provides midge-tolerant wheat growers with early maturity, excellent protein and high yields.