Ten years is a milestone that provides us an opportunity to both reflect on our past and to look forward to our future.

Alliance Seed is a joint venture seed company owned by century old Canadian grain handlers Paterson Grain, Parrish & Heimbecker, and the farmer owned grain company, Northwest Terminal. Alliance Seed has grown exponentially; expanding our portfolio, our seed grower network and retail access points, and our end use participation. Most importantly, we have had the opportunity to play a small part in the success of Canadian farmers. Today, we operate in 10 different crop types, with 25 different varieties available through nearly 220 retail points in western Canada. We continue to work with closely with our shareholders, their end use customers, our seed grower partners and our genetics suppliers to deliver our STRONG. VIGOROUS. DEPENDALBE portfolio.

It all started with two varieties in our portfolio: AC Goodeve VB CWRS along with CDC Verona CWAD. AC Goodeve VB was one of the first midge tolerant CWRS lines that provided a solution to the problem of orange blossom wheat midge. CDC Verona was the first durum from Dr. Curtis Pozniak of the Crop Development Center and had yield and agronomic improvements over varieties in the market. It quickly became one of the top selling durum varieties in western Canada.

AAC Elie was launched in 2014; it has been the core of the Alliance Seed brand. AAC Elie has consistently performed for growers all across the prairies with DEPENDABLE class leading yields, STRONG standability and VIGOROUS growth under all conditions. Alliance Seed has developed a culture of passion for seeking and delivering innovative seed solutions to our customers. We continue to lead the cereal seed segment with new genetics that will provide growers with the STRONG. VIGOROUS. DEPENDABLE they expect from Alliance Seed.

AAC LeRoy VB, a new Midge Tolerant wheat from Dr. Santosh Kumar, AAFC Brandon, will be a significant step forward for yield potential in CWRS with MR for FHB that growers in all production zones will still benefit from its yield and disease resistance.

CDC Endure, the first oats variety for Alliance Seed, will be a game changer with its top yields, strong standability and the high beta glucan content that end users like. Significant end user demand exist in advance of the variety being ready for launch in 2021.

CDC Aberdeen, a new yellow pea from Dr. DJ Beng, AAFC Lacombe will provide growers with yields and seed coat integrity to access to the emerging markets of plant based protein.

On the 10th Anniversary of Alliance Seed, we want you to know that your support has always been the biggest driver for our continued growth! Building upon our industry leadership and expertise requires further dedication, commitment to customers, innovation, and continued execution of STRONG GENETICS, VIGOUROUS PRODUCTION AND DEPENDABLE GROWTH. Our seed growers, our shareholders and our customers have always been an integral part of our journey. Your satisfaction is what motivates us to thrive continuously in the market.