Our passion and expertise is cereal crops.  It’s all we do.

By partnering with some of Canada’s premier seed growers and time-honored, grassroots agricultural organizations, Alliance Seed is committed to bringing value to your cereal acres through easy access to top quality genetics and linking your farm to all points along the value chain.

Alliance Seed was established in 2009 as a joint venture seed company, with ownership comprised of two of Canada’s largest family-owned grain handlers, Parrish & Heimbecker and Paterson Grain, along with western Canadian farmer-owned Northwest Terminal. Alliance Seed opened for business with the mandate of providing stakeholders and retailers with access to genetics, and to provide value all along the value chain for western Canadian farmers. Today, Alliance Seed is a vibrant and growing seed company.  Our core values are from the STRONG quality standard of the seed we produce, the VIGOROUS pursuit of high yields and leading disease tolerance in our innovative seed varieties and the DEPENDABLE expertise of our retail partners and seed growers.

Canada Western Red Spring Wheat


AAC Redberry

CDC Envy

AAC Elie

SY Torach

Canada Western Red Winter Wheat

AAC Vortex

Canada Western Amber Durum

AAC Weyburn VB

CDC Precision

CDC Evident

Canada Prairie Spring Red Wheat

AAC Perform

SY Rowyn


AB Cattlelac


AAC Aberdeen


CDC Endure