Is That a Drone I See?


Like most people, I am pretty interested in drones and the technology associated with them and the implications for agriculture. I actually spent $100 on some semblance of a drone from Amazon, but 5 tries, 5 dog bites (on the drone) and eight months later it is collecting dust in my basement. Enter Matthew Johnson of M3 Aerial Productions to help. Matthew is a drone service provider and is reaching out to the agriculture industry to offer his extensive services. So you could spend roughly $2,500+ to purchase a well-equipped industrial strength drone, invest the time to properly learn how to fly it, and then maintain/service the equipment and batteries. You would also need to learn how to capture the desired data/images and how to process/interpret this data. But why not hire someone like Matthew. For most people, operating a drone is not their core business/competency and without proper expertise/training accidents are bound to occur. Improperly operated, drones have the potential to quickly become like flying lawn mowers – hurting people and/or ruining property and the equipment.  Spending a few thousand dollars to buy a camera does not make one qualified as a commercial photographer nor does buying a computer/calculator qualify one as an accountant.

Matthew has provided some information on his service and what he offers as a service. If you are interested in more information, please visit his website or contact him directly. Watch for him at an Alliance Seed site this summer.

M3 Aerial Productions – NDVI Points



Toll free 1-866-814-4855

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