The Western Canada Crop Production Show (WCCPS) in Saskatoon, Sask has come and gone. It was good to see everyone at the show and see everyone taking in Crop Sphere, and the Saskatchewan Seed Growers meeting.  What a busy time for the staff of Alliance Seed!   We were pumped to have the RealAg Radio team join us in the Alliance Seed booth this year. We were also fortunate to have some meet some new friends as Jessika Guse did the top ag news stories of the day; and then Shaun interviewed Chris.  Shaun also interview Tom Wolf, of Sprayer 101 about how implementing a small change to your sprayer can have a major impact on results, and he was also joined by Tim Burrack, vice chairman of the Global Farmer Network, policy.  RealAg Radio airs every weekday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. ET (2:30 p.m. MT) on Rural Radio 147 on SiriusXM.

2019 is the 10 year Anniversary of Alliance Seed (And the 10th anniversary of Real Ag too!) so Chris and Shaun discussed that along with all the things that are exciting us at Alliance Seed these days.  Clink on the link below to listen to Chris’ interview with Shaun Haney.




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Seed Guide 2017!

Seed Guide 2017

Our seed guide for the 2017 crop year is out! Learn about all the varieties we have to offer and information on where to buy!

Alliance Seed Guide – 2017

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Pedigreed Seed Achieves Results

Pedigreed Seed Achieves Results

At Alliance Seed, we are passionate about using certified seed to produce a STRONG DEPENDABLE VIGOROUS Crop each and every time you go to the field. So thanks to our friends from Seed Hawk for the opportunity to talk about a subject that is so close to our hearts here at Alliance Seed. In this blog, Alliance Seed’s Chris Churko outlines a few key strategies that growers should consider to achieve their desired results, from considering the variety selected, to the economic benefit of using certified seed.


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Is That a Drone I See?


Like most people, I am pretty interested in drones and the technology associated with them and the implications for agriculture. I actually spent $100 on some semblance of a drone from Amazon, but 5 tries, 5 dog bites (on the drone) and eight months later it is collecting dust in my basement. Enter Matthew Johnson of M3 Aerial Productions to help. Matthew is a drone service provider and is reaching out to the agriculture industry to offer his extensive services. So you could spend roughly $2,500+ to purchase a well-equipped industrial strength drone, invest the time to properly learn how to fly it, and then maintain/service the equipment and batteries. You would also need to learn how to capture the desired data/images and how to process/interpret this data. But why not hire someone like Matthew. For most people, operating a drone is not their core business/competency and without proper expertise/training accidents are bound to occur. Improperly operated, drones have the potential to quickly become like flying lawn mowers – hurting people and/or ruining property and the equipment.  Spending a few thousand dollars to buy a camera does not make one qualified as a commercial photographer nor does buying a computer/calculator qualify one as an accountant.

Matthew has provided some information on his service and what he offers as a service. If you are interested in more information, please visit his website or contact him directly. Watch for him at an Alliance Seed site this summer.

M3 Aerial Productions – NDVI Points



Toll free 1-866-814-4855

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Alliance Seed is thrilled to announce that Colin Tanner has joined the Alliance Seed team as Seed Production Manager.

colin tannerColin has over 30 years of experience in the seed industry. Starting with rouging fields on his parent’s pedigree seed farm, Colin has steadily increased his knowledge of the Global Seed Industry. Colin holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan and has spent his career focused on seed and cereal seed production.   He has served in various roles within the seed divisions of Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Viterra, and CPS. Colin has a passion for agriculture and in specific, cereal crops. He strives to provide producers with seed production knowledge, expertise and information that will differentiate their business and provide a marketing advantage.

“I see Alliance Seed as a strongly managed company poised for tremendous growth in many areas. I look forward to joining the team, and with my experience helping to develop the win/win/win relationships between Seed Grower and Retail and commercial producer,” says Colin.

Colin and his wife Jennifer, along with their 5 children, farm near Pense, Saskatchewan and are active in the community.

Colin joins Alliance Seed effective November 23/2015 as Seed Production Manager. Colin will be responsible for expanding our pedigree seed business by partnering with professional Seed Growers that have a strong commitment to seed quality, business ethics and also have a passion for delivering new innovations to their customers. Colin will report to Chris Churko, General Manager and will be working from his home in Pense, Saskatchewan.

Please join us in welcoming Colin to Alliance Seed.

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Changes to Plant Breeders’ Rights

Changes to Plant Breeders’ Rights

Important changes to Canada’s Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) Act are now in effect. The updated legislation ensures continued investment in new and improved seed varieties for Canadian farmers. It also puts Canada on equal footing with other countries, keeping Canadian farmers competitive in the global market.

Understanding the change and your obligations

As of February 27,2015, all new PBR – protected varieties will be protected under the new legislation that conforms to the UPOV 1991 convention, bringing Canada in line with the rest of the world, and opening opportunities for increased investment to make new varieties available to Canadian farmers.  It brings opportunity, but it also brings new obligations for the value chain.

Get the facts

This updated PBR legislation impacts everyone in the seed value chain. Understand the changes and your obligations under the new PBR rules.

PBR FastFacts Document – PBR_FastFacts_final_v4.pdf



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Ag In Motion 2015, Alliance Seed Schedule of Events

Ag in Motion 2015 – Alliance Seed Schedule of Events

Plan to make time in your Ag In Motion visit to visit the Alliance Seed booth and hear informative, interesting and dynamic speakers on topics that will connect your wheat field and the end use customer.

Ag in Motion 2015 – Alliance Seed Schedule of Events (PDF)

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Alliance Seed at 2014 CSTA Semi-Annual Meeting

Chris Churko talks about Alliance Seed growing its brand…..


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