Alliance Seed is aggressively expanding its pedigree seed business and looks to partner with professional Seed Growers that have a strong commitment to seed quality, business ethics and have a passion for delivering new innovations to their customers. Through our unique approach to the market, Alliance Seed is committed to your business through strong genetics; the ability to offer differentiated products to your customers in your marketing area; the participation of your business in the marketing of new varieties; and through a close link to all participants in the cereal grain sector value chain.

Alliance Seed growers commit on a variety by variety basis, by signing a production and marketing agreement specific to the variety. Alliance Seed uses a very specific and focused approach to maximize the success of each variety, including:

  • The development of a strategic marketing plan for each variety we offer, shared only with variety participants.
  • The use of a production plan that matches variety traits to suitable agronomic zones, ensuring the market is not over or under supplied.
  • The facilitation of relationships between Seed Growers and Alliance Seed Retail Partners.
  • Offering the Alliance Seed retail network education and training on effective selling, including variety information, cereal seed selling strategies, and seed quality information.
  • Unique value added opportunities, including Identity Preserved programs, and other unique crop protection product offers on our cereal seed varieties.
  • Granting growers access to new and innovative cereal genetics, while maintaining the ability to have a differentiated offer for farm customers.

For more information or to apply to be an Alliance Seed grower:

  • Send a completed application from to the Alliance Seed office. Once the application is received, Alliance Seed will review and respond.

Download the Application Form

Contact any of the Alliance Seed staff via phone or email.